If you own or run a WordPress site you should be worried. VERY worried.

07 Feb in Copyright, Open Source

   You might be wondering why I say that. Is it because of the shoddy security that WP possesses where everything in /wp-content/ (you know, where all of your assets go- things like images, files, etc.) is open to world? No but that's worrisome in & of itself. It's because of this story where a WP site was taken down BY WORDPRESS after receiving a DMCA take down notice due to copyright infringement. The problem? The owners/authors of the site were NOT in violation of any copyright laws since they were the true originators of the content! That's a big deal & another point showing how the DMCA is flawed & open to abuse. In this case, an India-based company copied all of their content & then alleged that the actual authors had stolen from them! Flaws to the DMCA abound there. As a web developer, the bigger problem in that story is that Wordpress took their site down & deleted all of its content WITHOUT DOING ANY RESEARCH.

So pardon me for saying f-you to a company who would do that to my content. It also points out how important it is to not only own your own domain but, more importantly, host it yourself or somewhere that will protect your rights & this catastrophe won't happen.





You can never run your

You can never run your WordPress effectively without learning how to do so. You must have the ideas and know how to customize your page and optimize it all over the web. - United Faith Church

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