DrupalCampLA 2013

13 Jul in Drupal, Geek Event

Looking forward to another year of DCLA 2013. I'm not helping to co-organize it and am not presenting this year, either. Basically, I just wanted to enjoy the camp this year as a regular attendee. This will allow me a vantage point from a different point-of-view which should help me make a better co-organizer for the upcoming Drupal camps I am co-producing in the near future in Drupal Design Camp LA 2013 and GLADCamp;. So I get to soak up the sessions as well as talk business with some colleagues that I am looking forward to working with more closely.

Speaking of sessions, there are LOTS of really interesting ones. I have long said that you know you are at a good conference when you cannot decide between two or three different sessions happening simultaeneously. I started listing them out but once it went past 10 so suffice it to say, LOTS!

Just as in years past, there will be an after-party tonight. Unlike years past, it will not be hosted by Media Temple; which is disappointing because MT knows how to throw a great party. I am sure it will be good, though. I will feed my brain by day and have food and beverages with friends from the awesome Drupal community by night. If you see me around, say Hi.


Drupal is one of the most

Drupal is one of the most interesting things to learn and the ideas it can give you are amazing and so useful as the world goes modern. - United Faith Church

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