12 Days of Good- Day 2: Kids on Computers

14 Dec in 12 Days of Good, Non-Profit, Technology

   Yesterday's article kicked off the '12 Days of Good' series. If you're interested, you can read up on why shining the light on such praiseworthy endeavors is such a passion of mine. Now onto Day 2!

Kids on Computers is a "non-profit organization comprised of a group of volunteers, setting up computer labs in areas where kids don't have access to technology. We bring computers & free and open source software to disadvantaged kids." They're doing so much more than that but how awesome is that?!!

I heard about Kids on Computers from friends & colleagues in the tech & open source community. So when they needed a space for a "hands-on meetup," I was more than happy to host the event at Droplabs, a co-working space in Downtown LA where I serve on their Board. What was this "hands-on meetup?" all about, you may ask? It was a LinuxChix LA (an awesome organization in its own right!) meetup where we took donated laptops that needed to be upgraded- RAM, miscellaneous hardware & installing the KoC Linux distribution that they've customized for their needs. These laptops were going to be going to kids in Nepal. It was organized by the equally awesome & long-time member of LinuxChix, Sharon Lake who is also part of their team of volunteers. I felt so blessed to be able to be a small cog in that wonderful wheel of giving.

So I invite you to check out this wonderful organization bridging the Digital Divide via open source software.


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