12 Days of Good- Day 1: UrbanTxT

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12 Days of Good is my way of introducing you to awesome non-profits and projects that are using technology for social good. You can read more about why this is vital both today & for our future in a previous post. But enough about what '12 Days of Good' is about. Let's get on with the introductions!

UrbanTxt stands for Urban Teens eXploring Technology. The non-profit was co-founded by Roxanne Mendez & Oscar Menjivar. UrbanTxT is "an innovative leadership program helping inner-city youth develop leadership and other skills through the use of technology." That totally downplays how awesome this project is! You see, the Digital Divide is a VERY real thing. Most folks wouldn't think that this exists in our own backyard but it does & it's an issue that really needs to get looked at and solved. For all of our sakes. UrbanTxT is doing their part to bridge this gap by providing youth in the inner-city of South Los Angeles access to technology, resources & learning. Something we need much, much more of.

I will admit that I'm a bit biased here. I heard about Oscar & his great project 13 months ago. We met over pupusas & it felt like I'd met a brother from another mother. We shared many experiences- going to high school in Watts, seeing a dearth of technology resources in our communities & we both were working on ways to solve this problem that's plaguing our inner cities- many times right under the noses of some of the world's largest tech giants.

So I invite you to go & check out what UrbanTxT is all about. They're also running a crowdfunding campaign, which ends in a couple weeks, so that they can serve even more youth (they only had the resources to service about 1/5 of the students who applied this year & that's a travesty!). They're running their campaign on Razoo: http://www.razoo.com/story/Urbantxt


Interesting and me too would

Interesting and me too would like to experience the features of UrbanTxT.- United Faith Church

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