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17 Dec

12 Days of Good- Day 5: Black Girls Code

in 12 Days of Good, Non-Profit, Technology

   In Day 5, we continue yesterday's theme of inspiring girls to get excited about Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM). If you're wondering why I started this '12 Days of Good' series, check out the background on why this is important. Now onto Day 5!

16 Dec

12 Days of Good- Day 4: DIY Girls

in 12 Days of Good, Non-Profit, Technology

  We continue yesterday's theme of projects that are making it possible for more women in computing. If you're curious as to why I started this series, you're more than welcome to take a gander. Now onto Day 4!

15 Dec

12 Days of Good- Day 3: LinuxChix

in 12 Days of Good, Linux, Open Source

   We continue yesterday's theme of utilizing Linux & Open Source Software to bring more accessibility to tech to groups of people who aren't always included. Yesterday it was about disadvantaged kids in rural areas. Today, it's about women.

14 Dec

12 Days of Good- Day 2: Kids on Computers

in 12 Days of Good, Non-Profit, Technology

   Yesterday's article kicked off the '12 Days of Good' series. If you're interested, you can read up on why shining the light on such praiseworthy endeavors is such a passion of mine. Now onto Day 2!

13 Dec

12 Days of Good- Day 1: UrbanTxT

in 12 Days of Good, Non-Profit, Technology

12 Days of Good is my way of introducing you to awesome non-profits and projects that are using technology for social good. You can read more about why this is vital both today & for our future in a previous post. But enough about what '12 Days of Good' is about. Let's get on with the introductions!

12 Dec

12 Days of Good: Why Using Technology for Social Good is Vital

in 12 Days of Good, Technology

  '12 Days of Good' is my way of introducing you to awesome non-profits and projects that are using technology for social good. Utilizing technology for good has been somewhat of a mantra for me ever since I got into tech over 20 years ago. It goes along with my support of the saying & belief of "Each One, Teach One and, similarly, what I call passing the "chain of giving" (aka "Pay it forward").

13 Jul

DrupalCampLA 2013

in Drupal, Geek Event

Looking forward to another year of DCLA 2013. I'm not helping to co-organize it and am not presenting this year, either. Basically, I just wanted to enjoy the camp this year as a regular attendee.

07 Feb

If you own or run a WordPress site you should be worried. VERY worried.

in Copyright, Open Source

   You might be wondering why I say that. Is it because of the shoddy security that WP possesses where everything in /wp-content/ (you know, where all of your assets go- things like images, files, etc.) is open to world? No but that's worrisome in & of itself. It's because of this story where a WP site was taken down BY WORDPRESS after receiving a DMCA take down notice due to copyright infringement. The problem?

11 Jan

Simple Design: The hidden side-benefits

in Accessibility, WebDev

   I've always enjoyed simple, minimalistic designs. There's something attractive about the beauty in sleek lines & clean designs. For me, it applies to everything- from indoor furniture to vehicles to web design. As a web developer, I'm exposed a lot more to it in the latter. It's in that arena that I see so many side-benefits to simple, minimalistic, clean designs. Namely, Accesibility.

08 Sep

Site of the Month - September 2012

in SotM

September 2012's Site of the Month is: National Association for the Education of Young Children. If you're a parent, grandparent or even just a proud uncle or aunt, you've no doubt seen/read this site at some point. The most recent interesting story is "13 Reasons Why Reading To Your Baby is Good." Great information all around & very well organized.